Commercial For all your commercial aviation needs

From agricultural to industrial, The Helicopter Line undertakes all types of commercial work.  With pilots who have extensive experience and a fleet of heavy lift helicopters suited to such work, we offer a full range of tailored services for your commercial needs and are proud to provide services for: Department of Conservation, Dowers EDI, Fiordland Lobster Industry, GNS, Maritime NZ, Meridian, Waihuirihuri Jet, Luxmore Jet, Deep Cove Charters, Fiordland Explorer Charters, Coal Island Trust, Ngai Tahu Fish and the Waitutu Cooperation.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:


Our pilots have extensive experience in working with directors and photographers and possess the ability to maneuvre the helicopter into position for the perfect shot.  Further, their extensive knowledge of the alpine environment and localised lighting conditions can assist in obtaining dramatic footage and/or sensational images.  With such a wealth of knowledge our pilots can often add something extra to a shoot and provide a unique insight into the environment which may not otherwise be available.

The helicopters are fitted will multiple anchor points for stabilised camera systems.


Precision placement of structural steel, air conditioners, general cargo, building materials through to concrete lifting and sluicing, firefighting, mustering, animal control. Department of Conservation supplier.


  • Cargo Nets
  • Fire Fighting – Monsoon Buckets 500 litres, 1,000 litres
  • CDAX Foam/Fire Suppression kits
  • Lifting Strops/Long Line
  • External mountain bike racks
  • Fuel tanker trailers
  • Fuel Trucks
  • External camera mounts
  • Concrete buckets – capacity .33cu metre


Frost Protection – helicopter intervention for frost protections for a variety of crops, including vineyard work.

Drying Orchard Fruit – Crop drying after rain (i.e. cherries/grapes/tomatoes).


For emergency firefighting response we have both AS350 B2 and AS350 BA squirrels available with our 1000 litre monsoon buckets with foam suppression.


  • Experienced in all types of commercial work
  • Professionally trained and highly skilled pilots
  • Extensive expertise in Filming & Photography
  • Heavy lifting, Roll Equipment, Agricultural, Firefighting, Search & Rescue services
  • Competitive rates available


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